For Zoopla and OnTheMarket it has been a busy month.

...They have issued their figures for last month’s online site visits, each claiming their busiest ever January. Which means buyers are out there and they are looking hard.

Zoopla Property Group says it had record new highs seen in the number of visits and appraisal leads delivered to agents. There were over 53 million visits for the month with mobile traffic at a record share of 72 per cent.

The managing director of Zoopla Property division says: "This is a great start to the year for both the business and the property market. The numbers demonstrate that we continue to deliver incredible exposure, value and results for our partners.”

While buyers are actively looking, don’t hesitate to put your house on the market now for a chance to achieve the best possible price for your home. Book a pre-sale consultation this February and beat the spring/summer chaos!

It’s extremely common for sellers to delay listing their home until spring/summer. But with the expected rush of houses being listed, think of all the competition you as a seller would be up against. With more competition, how can you be so sure you’re achieving best price? During this time, there is a huge scurry from buyers and sellers to act as they rely on speed.

So while online traffic is booming, sell your house are the right time for the best price!