Low Prices and the fact that demand levels from tenants remains high is the main reason why many landlords remain very confident in the market!

In recent Months, the prices in buy-to-let in terms of monthly charges to tenants have remained high, reaching an all-time high thanks to a number of different factors in the market.

The good range of available and affordable buy-to-let mortgages has put landlords in pole position when it comes to securing the purchase of a property over residential buyer, while the fact that prices remain relatively low makes buying an attractive venture.

When prices are low, coupled with the fact that demand is high, landlords will see a good level of yield across the country.

Also low interest rates make it a favourable time to purchase buy-to-let homes, and the fact that landlords can put properties on the market and immediately see a result strengthens Landlords confidence in the buy-to-let market.

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