Take care of your property this winter

With the temperature starting to change it is important as a landlord to make sure your property is well prepared for the weather.

To help your property cope with the harsh winter weather take a look at our pre-emptive measures and advice.

It's not too late to prepare your property. In need of a helping hand? Heywoods in-house property management team would be more than happy to offer our services.

Roof, guttering and insulation

Strong wings can have a destructive effect on the quality and structure of your roof, so look out for exposing loose tiles and cladding as it could result in leaks to the floors below. While inspecting your roof it is also a good idea to check your guttering. Again, those strong wings may dislodge them or a build up of debris could cause a blockage.

Birds and squirrels have a habit of displacing insulation in roofs over time especially if they have found a way to make a nest. It is a good idea to make sure that all of your insulation is in the correct place and to rectify any displacement. Not only does this keep out the cold weather but helps reduce the amount of heating needed by your tenants, helping them save money!


Bleeding your radiators can be very useful for maintaining your property in the cold weather. This involves removing trapped air that can build up over time and prevent them from working efficiently, which can result in the property feeling cold.

It may not be at the top of your maintenance list, especially when not living in the property however, this can make a significant difference to your tenants.

Boilers and pipes

Without a doubt, winter is the worst time to have a boiler breakdown as we are so reliant on heating. A broken boiler can cause landlords and tenants huge problems which could even lead to a dispute therefore, it is best practice to ensure the boiler is in top working condition.

Tip 1: Arrange your annual boiler service for this time of year, safe in the knowledge that it is in good working order for the cold weather ahead.

Tip 2: Encourage tenants to leave the heating on at a low temperature even if they are going away in winter. This will avoid frozen pipes!

Tip 3: For any pipes that run outside the property, ensure that the water flow is off and the tap is run dry before the temperature hits zero. This will help to avoid any structural damages caused by excess water freezing.

Damp and mould

Condensation can be a big problem for many properties. This is when warm air is naturally created from everyday activities such as cooking and showering and it meets cooler surfaces such as a window or a wall to create moisture.

It is vital to ensure the property is ventilated because this build-up of moisture can lead to mould growth. Damp and mould can be detrimental to your tenant’s health and can cause long term problems for your property.

Ensure there is plenty of ventilation in your property especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Check all extractor fans are working correctly.

Speak to your tenants

Don't be afraid to speak to your tenants about the best ways they can maintain your properties condition throughout the winter, especially if it is their first winter living there.

Be open and approachable as this will encourage your tenants to flag up any issues in the property with you, allowing you to fix them before they get worse and cause potentially more costly problems.

Remember, a happy tenant makes a happy landlord!

If you require any help at all checking over your property to ensure it is able to survive through winter, we have a dedicated list of contractors who would love to be of assistance.

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