We may not officially celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but as a social culture we do appreciate eating around the table together. Or do we….?

It has been well written over the last few years that family dinners are on the decline and this is partly due to the emergence of fast food chains and easy access to convenience foods, although different working patterns and hectic lifestyles also play their part.

Having the opportunity to sit down with family and friends to eat can have many positive effects on our lives. It is a small act which must not be underestimated on how it impacts on your overall lifestyle and mood.

Having the chance to talk and to reflect on the day and other events can be therapeutic. It can actually help to relieve stress, particularly if you have a demanding job. It creates better family relationships and aids healthy eating habits, particularly important for children as they are encouraged to take this routine into adulthood.

Your dining table and your home in general can create magical moments to remember. Taking you away from the day to day stresses and strains and giving you that all important quality time with your loved ones.

As the nights draw in and we approach the season of goodwill, we often take the opportunity to reflect on what’s important in our lives. So whether you celebrate thanksgiving or not, what are you thankful for?

One thing's for sure... what’s nicer than heading home in the cold and dark to a lovely cosy home to sit down to a tasty home cooked meal with family or friends. Well, apparently staying in is the new going out!