We’ve always believed that Heywoods is the leading estate agent in the ST5 area, and thanks to a recent report by TwentyEA, we now have the facts to back it up.

The report, from the end of October 2023, publishes the statistics on estate agents in our area over the last 12 months. It shows the number of properties sold, how fast they were sold, and how much of the asking price the seller was able to get. We were very pleased to see Heywoods ranking #1.

But how did we get here, and what makes us stand apart from the competition? Based on the report, here are some of the reasons why you should choose Heywoods to help sell your property:

We Sold the Most Properties in ST5

Ranked as the leader in the ST5 area, Heywoods has clinched the top spot for properties sold subject to contract. With a total of 172 properties, we sold many more than our local competitors such as Bob Gutteridge, Follwells Ltd, Stephenson Browne Ltd, and Bramptons.

Success in Selling Your Property

If you sell your property with Heywoods you have an 11% higher chance of a successful sale. That means that we sell 11% more of the properties we list for sale than the average rate in the area. Put simply, choosing us makes it more likely that your property will sell.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Understanding the true worth of your home, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best deal possible and that we bring all of our local knowledge and experience to bear when valuing your home. We want to get it right first time, and to achieve that careful balance between getting you the very best price and pricing realistically. On average across all the properties we sell Heywoods achieves 98% of the initial listing price of the property, demonstrating the fact that our valuations are professional and right. Sound good? Book a valuation with one of our experts.

We Sell Houses Faster

Once you have decided to sell your property the last thing you want is delays. Heywoods delivers results at a fast pace. Our sales are agreed 8 days quicker than the local average, meaning less stress for you.

Backed by Impartial Data, Trusted by You

Thanks to the report from TwentyEA, you can be confident that we’re the best choice for anyone looking to sell their home in the ST5 area. Their data is impartial and trusted by estate agents and their clients from across the UK.

How We Do It

If you are wondering what we do which is different to the rest, here are a few of the things we believe are at the heart of our success.  

Striking Visuals and Targeted Marketing

At Heywoods, your property isn’t just listed; it's showcased with stunning photography, captivating video clips, and even aerial views captured by drone footage. We then turn to online platforms and social media, ensuring your property is shared far and wide. We also have a large database of prospective buyers, meaning we can proactively reach out to people we know may be interested in your property. If you want this level of expertise and dedication when selling your home, get in touch.

Expert Valuation and Personalised Advice

We provide more than just a valuation—we offer honesty and guidance to help you make the most of your home. We’re keen to understand you and your property, and then uncover those unique details about your home that really bring it to life. These personalised touches help showcase your property in the best possible light, ensuring it immediately stands out for potential buyers.

Comprehensive Support Throughout Your Sale

Selling a house can be time-consuming and occasionally overwhelming. Don’t forget we’ve done this before, thousands of times, and we are here to guide you every step of the way—from the initial valuation to the completion of your sale. With a strong local presence and great connections, we will almost certainly know everyone involved in the process. We promise to keep things moving and to keep you updated and informed at every stage, immediately looking out for and dealing with any potential issues as they arise.

Meet our Sales Progressors

We even have a specialised team of individuals known as sales progressors, each committed to making your sale as stress-free and successful as possible. These experts each have exceptional communication skills, ensuring you're consistently kept in the loop. They can navigate through both minor bumps and more significant challenges along the way, to ensure your sale goes through as quick and easily as possible.

With over 140 years of expertise, you can trust Heywoods to be your reliable partner, dedicated to holding your sale together and ensuring a successful outcome.

Don't Settle for Ordinary, Choose Heywoods!

Selling a property is more than a transaction it's a journey, and you need the best agent on your side. Contact Heywoods today and let us show you why we’re ranked number 1 in the local area.